Friday, September 18

How to enter Dark Web? Guide for beginners

Have you ever thought about entering the world of Dark Web? This is not necessarily a skill that the general public

will understand, but in addition to information about crime, hacking software, and drugs, there is a lot of

information that cannot be found in Wikipedia. Learning how to use Tor is quite helpful. Myhilltopsdarkweb wants

to give you tips for browsing the Dark Web today


1: Find a good VPN

The first thing to note when visiting Dark Web is your anonymity and security. By using a simple VPN program, your

activities in Dark Web will be hidden, and no one will know that you have used TOR. More importantly, he can hide

your IP. Another benefit of VPN is that VPN can prevent hackers from stealing your information.

download tor

2: It is not possible to use the normal Browser to access the Dark web.

You need a Dark web browser called TOR browser bundle. Remember to download only from the TOR website !

Next, you need to download all Apps such as Google Drive, Skype, etc. The program closes. More important is to use

the OpenVPN protocol.

3: Install TOR Browser in PC or Mac.

When the download is complete, select the location you want to put and unzip.

tor folder

4: Open TOR Browser.

TOR start Page will open in TOR Browser. From this moment you can prepare to browse the Dark Web website.


5: Don’t change the size of TOR Browser

Because the FEDS program has been adjusted to a good size early in the morning.

6: Remember that TOR is not 100% invisible

please turn off JavaScript.

7: Put the camera on your computer

the hacker has the opportunity to monitor you through the camera.

8: Turn off or cover the radio microphone of your computer.

Anything you say in front of the computer will be heard.

9: Don’t use your real name, photo, email, etc. on Dark net.

This can easily be tracked. Remember to use a fake email

10: If you are using Dark Web to see some normal websites

Then you should pay more attention to security and your privacy.

Keep in mind that both the bright and dark networks are full of malicious code, and Tor and VPN are not 100% safe.

Some people will choose to use Raspberry Pi as a Tor router , and some people even buy a “dark network dedicated

PC”. I hope everyone can pay attention to safety while enjoying the Dark Web.


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